XENAP has a website. Please visit xenap.com

Xenap was a waypoint in France.

Xenap used to be a waypoint over France. Airspace waypoints are made by 5 letters words which are relatively easy to pronounce. Xenap is such a word.


This picture shows the flightplans of our 3 C182 during our flying adventure in Brazil. Brazilian ATC used an old software or app, not xenapp mind you, to process flightplans.

Where is XENAP?

Appart from being on xenap.com, xenap as a waypoint is no more. Below the airways in the vicinity of Jorge Amado airport in Brazil.


Different softwares or apps are made to facilitate the pilot's tasks while preparing his flight or during flight.
Enjoy the flying.

XENAP website

The XENAP website is simple, yet it follows most recommendations. This is about XENAP and not XENAPP

XENAP website

There are many waypoints all over the airspace. Here are a few: